CNPS provides professional consultancy services in Human Resources Management, Health/ Safety and organizational development. We develop policies/practices in alignment with organization’s best interests and offer advice to clients regarding decisions that are impacted by laws, policies, and procedures.

Our Mission

To Hire, Train and provide Professionals and Artisans to companies in all industries as well as imbibe in them safety attitude through training and provision of needed equipment.

Our Vision

To be among the best go-to Agencies in Human Resources/Health and Safety solutions givers in the Country and beyond.

Our Philosophy

  • Client interest centered
  • Client confidentiality granted
  • Clear and constructive communication
  • Excellence through safe and efficient work
  • Safety attitude through knowledge empower

Our Team

Our team is made up of professionals from all walks of life with a broad diversity of educational and professional backgrounds; they all share the passion for problem solving and delivering high standards results, we’re passionate about making a measurable impact in what we do.